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Yaroslavl State Theater Institute

Chekhov. Next

Almost a farce. A reference to that bright, daring genre may be the best way to explain the performance “Chekhov. Next”. It is based on texts by Irish playwright Brian Friel, which are, in turn, inspired by Anton Chekhov’s works. We see elements from several very different stories, including the vaudeville “The Bear”. There is also a meeting between Sonya Serebryakova fromUncle Vanya” and Andrey Prozorov from “Three Sisters” in a deserted café in cold Moscow in the early 20s. This contemporary interpretation of Chekhov’s texts exists in playful harmony with the traditions of the Russian school of psychological theatre.


3. 4. / 15:00 / 18:00

75  min.
Author: Oleg Nagornichnikh
Directed by: Oleg Nagornichnikh
Language: Russian

The Yaroslavl State Theatrical Institute started its work in 1980 as the successor of the Yaroslavl Theatrical School, which was started in Yaroslavl in 1962 by Fierce Shishigin initiative. He was People’s Artist of the USSR and one of the main leaders of Russian theatre. The Institute works in the birthplace of the first Russian dramatic theatre, thus carrying out its unique mission of training actors, directors, and scenographers for the Russian provinces. Since 2005, The Institute has also offered studies in theatrology. Over the years, more than 2000 actors, directors, scenographers, and theatre technologists have graduated from the Institute. The departments of the institute are the Department of Acting Technique, the Department of Puppetry, and the Department of Humanities. The training of the actors for dramatic theatre and cinematography takes place in the Department of Acting Technique, which follows the best traditions of the Russian realistic theatre school, helping to open up the inner world of every student and to form his or her creative personality.

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