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Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb

She Only Came to Use the Telephone

The play She only came to use the phone portrays people who want to live so badly that they have burnt out. The play is based on the short story I only came to use the phone from Gabriel Garcia Marquez's collection Strange Pilgrims.  In a mental institution, four women will meet an old courtesan, a mother, Maria, and a woman who sells her dreams.  Together they create an authentic Marquezian world where the unusual and different is seen as crazy. The fight against the ordinary is expressed through the poetry recited by characters. None of these women are crazy, but they have all been declared lunatics. It could be said that the fictional destinies of the other women in the play are mirrored in the character of Maria. However, one can also observe various female archetypes reflected and simulated in Maria. We are all the same. Mother. Whore. Lover. Prophet. Maria dos Prazeres was selling her body. Maria Dolores was selling her love. You were selling your passion. And I was selling my dreams.

4. 4.  / 17:00

90  min.
Author: Rajna Racz
Directed by: Rajna Racz
Language: Croatian


The Academy of Dramatic Arts (Akademija dramske umjetnosti or ADU) is a drama school based in Zagreb. Since its founding in 1896, the institution has grown, resulting in its successful association with the University of Zagreb in 1979 along with the Academy of Fine Arts. The Academy is a leading Croatian school that provides education for all types of theater, radio, television, and film production professions. Including actors, directors, cameramen, and editors.


At the same time, he is a member of various international associations such as the CILECT (Center of Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision), IIRT (Instituto Internationale per la Ricerca Teatrale), IFIRT (International Federation for Theater Research) and ELIA (European League of Institutes) of the Arts).



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