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Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava


The performance Accordance! was created as a sort of political activism. It takes inspiration from a novel by Dominik Tatarka: Démon súhlasu (the Demon of agreement) in which he describes and criticizes communist-era propaganda. He also criticizes contemporary misinformation and hoaxes for political gains. This performance explores these demons, both old and new, and their impact on people.

The story is set in an imaginary country which has some similarities with communist-era Czechoslovakia, and some with an unnamed contemporary totalitarian state. We wake up in that country, and its similarities with reality may not be accidental.

We are all expected to agree!

“Just do what they tell you to do and you will be fine. Don’t worry about your ideas. Just nod your head and do as you’re told.”

3. 4. / 17:30
Theatre Goose On The String

90  min.
Autor: Dominik Tatarka
Directed by: Jan Janča
Language: Slovak

The Academy of Performing Arts is the oldest and the most renowned art institution in Slovakia. Professionals in the theatre, dance, music and film field do their graduate programmes here. The Theatre Faculty is one of the three faculties and has been recognized by artists, even abroad, ever since the academy's founding in 1949. Students participate in many projects that develop their imagination and creativity and they are permanently involved in the theatre practice during their training through which they may enrich their skills. As for cooperation with other schools, the faculty hosts the bi-annual international festival Istropolitana Project which takes places at the Academy every second year.

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