Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo


"Where is beauty? Wherever I want it. Where I want to love and perish so that an image will not remain just an image." (Nietzsche)

Electra is a physical theatre that combines dance and movement and various martial arts as well as various dance and acting techniques. The story focuses on the relationship between Clytemnestra and Electra - a mother and her daughter. They each become like the other without being aware of it. The performance talks about the power of the female body, the driving force of its will, its possibilities, and the constant struggle to oppose the patriarchy.

5. 4.  / 14:00 / 6. 4. /  15:30
Studio Marta

60   min.
Author: Fatima Kazazić a Amila Terzimehić
Directed by: Fatima Kazazić a Amila Terzimehić
Language: non-verbal


The Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo (Akademija scenskih umjentosti Sarajevo) was officially opened in 1981 with a single acting department. This was followed by the opening of the Department of Directing in 1989, the Department of Dramaturgy in 1994 and the Department of Production in 2010.


An important part of the academy is its collaboration with "Obala", a prominent Sarajevo theater where students present their work together with professional actors, directors, and writers.


Among the graduates is the double winner of Palme d'Or - Emira Kusturica.


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