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New Bulgarian University

Seagull, Seagulls….The Seagull!

In his book The Theatre of Revolt, Robert Brustein tries to prove that modern drama is rebellious despite its stylistic features. The author explores the works of eight of the best-known classical writers, including Chekhov, and once again demonstrates their rebellious spirit. Revolt, according to Brustein, is the energy that fuels modern theatre.

His book was written in 1964 and cannot be fully understood without considering the rebellious spirit of the 60s. Nonetheless, the world has evolved so much since that time that the spirit of revolt is only a distant memory. The same thing has happened within the arts. Great and profound ideas have taken a second place to show business and technical globalization.

Perhaps due to this recurring pattern, we will make it rain on Chekhov’s characters. But isn’t it more important to just let them speak? On the other hand, can what we hear from old rebels like Chekhov even make a difference nowadays? Hasn’t their ancient rebellion simply become a part of globalism? And if that is the case, what else can we do but let it rain on Chekhov on the stage?

A matter of rebellion! Because Rebellion against Rebellion is ONCE AGAIN a form of Rebellion!

This performance is financially supported by the "Central Strategic Development Fund", NBU.

5. 4.  / 19:30

75   min.
Author: A. P. Čechov
Directed by: V. Vicharova and A. Ivanova
Language: Bulgarian


The theater program of the NBU was founded in 1991 by Vazkresiya Viharova, Zarko Uzunov, and Veselin Mezekliev, who is still teaching at the university. In December 1999, the acting school became an independent unit at the university. Since February 2010, plays have been played in the new university theater building. The department is a member of IETM, EAST, and ELIA and is still developing its network of contacts worldwide.

The Department of Acting provides a modern education following theatrical traditions and methods but is also based on modern techniques of teaching and practice in the arts.

The purpose of the department is to educate the theater as an active part of the public system while maintaining cultural memories, strengthening values and expanding spirituality through goals for people. The Department of Theater is determined to prepare qualified specialists in theater and drama based on European and human values and priorities of modern Bulgarian cultural development.

The faculty is made up of reputable professionals with many awards who are recognized by prestigious national and international forums who bring their talents, skills and experience to the class.

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