Off companies


20. 4. 15.00

Directed by: Olívia Fantúrová

Divadlo na Orlí, 4th floor rehearsal room

60 min.

“Hope is not the belief that something good will happen, but the certainty that something will not be meaningless, no matter how it goes.”

Václav Havel

British teacher Phillipa Paccard, living in Turin, Italy, vainly pleads for justice in the case of her husband's tragic death. The police ignore her, and therefore she decides to take justice into her own hands. She places a bomb in the drug dealer's office that does not kill him, but it results in the death of four innocent people. The truth is a personal experience. The maximum sacrifice for a radical action. The effort to eliminate evil produces another evil. Faith, faith, faith - where have you been? How high can I fly?


17. 4. 16.00

Directed by: Alexandra Bolfová

Moravian square, next to the statue of Jošt Moravský

60 min.

Kabanová and young Kostelnička is a performance in which the two main characters of Leoš Janáček’s two most famous operas meet. Shifted to the present, or rather reflected in present-day woman. Universality of time and space connect with the developmental tendencies of WOMAN and her identity in society – the place she is born into. Two women. And a visible parallel. Victims of the society in which they live. Subjects to manipulation. Social status which is, to a certain extent, absolutely determinant. Overlaps. And today? How many Kabanovas and how many young Kostelničkas are among us? Can a woman resist her environment? A woman as sexual object. Does a woman have the right to anything? Up to what point is it a woman’s fault? A crisis of values as a trigger. Where are the boundaries that separates us from others, those artificial and consciously created bubbles? Is it possible for the bubbles in which we enclose ourselves and others to burst? Will they ever cease to exist, will we ever stop creating them? Are we still able to perceive space and time around us? A call for help does not always have to come in the form of inhuman screams, echoing through empty space. The echo will be the only thing that returns. And sometimes there is not even an echo. Tension. A void. Crowdedness.


18. 4. 15.00

Directed by: collective

7 min.

DF JAMU showers

The unrestrained shaman Surísa (Lucie Hrochová) from Western Sureney and her reserved translator Viola Vychrtlá (Pavla Kopřivová) mediate to one spectator, in about 7 minutes, a “mystical experience”, a bath for the senses, precious advice, and an insight into the culture of a fictional island unaffected by civilisation.


17. 4. 15.30

Directed by: Michal Zetel

50 min.

Divadlo na Orlí

In many cultures, dinner is understood as the most important and most social and celebratory meal. Dinner often works as a metaphor for the different levels of institutionalized communication. This minimalistic stage medley deals with five different places with diametrically opposed dinner rules, habits, and atmosphere. Of course, their goal is the same - the gathering. A reflection, on the stage, about the essence of synthetic music theatre, where voice, gesture and dance are equal means of expression. It ignores stereotyped sign systems like the spoken word.


18. 4. 17.00

Directed by: Martin Hodoň

50 min.

Divadlo na Orlí - 4th floor rehearsal rom

“In the Solitude” is a director´s variation on Bernard Marie Koltès play “In the Solitude of Cotton Fields”. The director reinterprets this philosophical play and its desire to discuss - through a personal prism - themes such as alienation, joy, relationships, contact, and comformity. This performance will be in english language.


20. 4. 12.00

Directed by: Jiří Karmasín, Aleš Valtr, Nikola Minářová, Barbora Kučeříková


A series of short “dance for the camera” films created during a workshop in the post-industrial environment of the Dolní oblast in Vítkovice, Ostrava. These films were created by students of Physical Theatre and ATD at JAMU in Brno, as well as students of Audiovision FMK UTB in Zlin.

Team #ENC18