Theme of festival

Let’s consider the regenerating power of encounters. Nowadays, the healing power of contact with others can prevent and treat the paranoia which results from the misinformation around us. Both body and soul need regenerating procedures and we also believe that meeting through art is one of the regenerative cures for the soul.

Whether because of lack of social contact, social bubbles, or the structure of a society that is primarily focused on effectiveness, we are ill. We want to diagnose and perhaps even cure the illnesses of our spirit and soul. Simply put: In a hurried time, we forget about the spirit, which must physically and mentally affect us, sooner or later.
In this formalized society there is very little time to meet others and benefit from their healing effects. A regenerating encounter can happen only when you are physically and mentally present at that moment. Present and open-minded. "I become human through YOU."(Erich Fromm)
The first step needs to be breaking down the social bubble. Walk into “the world" and the conviction about things with your own eyes. Confrontations with someone else. With all of the options we have nowadays, this is something that is too easy to avoid. With the Internet, we are able to establish contact, but if it becomes inconvenient we can simply cut it off. But what if our "contactless" society also causes some form of alienation?
How and where do we meet today? How can we meet and also regenerate? Meeting means being at the same time in the same place, planned or unplanned. Let's try to leave our bubbles, shells and homes because where else than in the theater can we experience such a real moment? We invite you to stay in our mind spa for a week! We hope you regenerate in the spa atmosphere, with some nostalgia included - why not? After all -  the promenade along the colonnade, the smell of waffles and mineral springs favour encounters more than the reality of everyday life. In our spa, you will find lively discussion instead of bubbly water, the suburbs of our city instead of a mud bath and the open arms of the Theatre Faculty of JAMU as your medicine.

Hana Zahradníčková  - Director of the SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER 2019
Soňa Mucinová - Dramaturgy of the SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER 2019